Thursday, May 24, 2012

Devil Wears Lace by L. B. Shire

Breathless Press

Historical/Western Romance

Sara McAllister wants two things in this life: revenge and a new start for the future.

Sara wants revenge. The thought of avenging her family has kept her sane these past years. Now she is so close to reaching her final goal. Joseph Murry, the man who murdered her family, will pay—with his life. She needs only to win the horse race this corrupt politician is sponsoring, finish him, take her winnings, and head west to begin a new life. But someone she never expected to see again has crossed her path, possibly changing the course of her future forever.

Slade hadn't expected to find Sara in Devils Cove—and inside a seedy little saloon, to boot. But here she is, standing before him, stunning as ever. She tells him she is going to win this race and take care of business. Slade recalls her tortured past: a man had murdered her family and left her for dead. He thought he was here to win a race, but instead finds he must protect Sara. For even though they had decided long ago to go their separate ways, the only way she will survive is if he remains by her side.

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Teaser Excerpt:

Sara's gaze fell upon a lone man hidden among the shadows at the back of the room. Something about the way he rested his hands on the table struck a chord in her mind. The simple mannerism seemed vaguely familiar. She knew when she homed in on his features that she'd seen this man before.

Her hunch was correct. He pushed his hat back to reveal a grisly scar down his right cheek. Sara's breath caught in her chest. The air seemed to have been sucked from her lungs. Could it be?

Her pulse thundered under her skin, and she swallowed hard. A slow ache gripped her heart. The memory of hardened muscles under her fingertips and the vision of entangled bodies flitted through her mind. They were memories she thought were long since buried. It was Slade.


"Sara, haven't seen you for a spell," Slade called out to her. He set his bottle of whiskey on the table before him. Her face remained impassive as their eyes met. Life was about to get interesting. Having Sara in Devils Cove was a distraction he hadn't anticipated.

He watched, captivated, while she removed her dusty hat. Her long blonde hair fell in a cascade of waves around her shoulders; this sight alone sent a shot of desire pulsing through his system. My God, it's been a long time. His fingers ached to touch the silky mass.

"Damn." He groaned under his breath. Sara in the same room had set his mind into a jumble. Her luminous green eyes never wavered from his. His focus fell to her mouth, mesmerized while the tip of her tongue swept over her upper lip. Would she remember their time spent together? He could vividly recall every last detail. The woman had bewitched him long ago.

About the author:

L.B. Shire has been writing stories that combine love, brave men, and horses for as long as she can remember. Occasionally she pulls out those dusty old gems and reminiscences with a cup of hot tea. Only in the last few years has she tried her hand at joining the ranks of published authors. When not writing or researching, L.B. enjoys spending time with her family, riding one of her horses, and, of course, reading anything that is put before her! She currently resides on the West Coast in a sleepy little mountain town. There, in the midst of all the beauty, she plans her characters' next adventures. For more information on L.B. Shire, please visit her work-in-progress blog @

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