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Paul H. Magid Donating All Profits to Cancer Research
On Black Friday, Author Paul H. Magid is launching "The Good Karma Charity Author Event for Sarcoma Cancer Research" to sell 100,000 copies of his novel, Lifting the Wheel of Karma, by New Year’s Eve. During this time, all of the publisher profits from those 100,000 copies, up to $500,000, will be donated to Sarcoma Cancer Research.

Lifting the Wheel of Karma is a majestic tale about a tormented boy who embarks on a profound journey of extraordinary healing and enlightenment.

Mr. Magid chose Sarcoma cancer research for the charity donation because his girlfriend Sharon’s younger brother, David, died of Sarcoma cancer at the age of 25. David was just 18 years old when he first found the lump in his right shoulder area, the same age as the protagonist, whose life takes an unimaginable turn, in Mr. Magid’s spiritual novel.

Sarcoma accounts for between 15 and 20% of all childhood cancers, yet receives less than 1% of cancer research funding. It is often fast growing, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed. Many of us, if not all of us for that matter, need the help of others on our journey. This was certainly the case for Mr. Magid, which is what led him to write a novel about a boy who must overcome penetrating adversity.

It was while Mr. Magid was on his own painful path that he came to learn the many spiritual ideas that are woven into the fabric of his novel, and it was those experiences that inspired him to launch "The Good Karma Charity Author Event for Sarcoma Cancer Research."

Lifting the Wheel of Karma is a beautiful tale that has already touched the hearts of readers from all walks of life and it is Mr. Magid’s hope that people will continue to enjoy this wonderfully uplifting story, while helping to contribute to a much needed cause this holiday season.

For more information, please visit:

Media Contact:
Paul H. Magid
Author, Award-winning screenwriter, Filmmaker
(732) 673-5330

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Title: Sight Unseen

Genre: Male/Male Paranormal Erotic Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

Buy Link:

Book Blurb:

Daniel Van Doren was once a renowned writer, until he was blinded in the car accident that killed his lover. Now, all he sees are ghosts in need of help. They follow him everywhere, and the only way to be rid of his ethereal visitors is to help them resolve their unfinished business here on earth so their spirits can find peace.

Ghostwriter Logan Riley is assigned to pen Daniel's biography. He plans to reveal him as a fraud, but when they meet he's struck by Danny's quiet sincerity--and a growing attraction. Which makes sticking close to Danny to find out the truth more than a little distracting.

When they are attacked by a violent poltergeist, Logan begins to believe Danny's not just telling the truth, he's in grave danger. A spirit has learned how to harness the energy of the living to break through the barrier between worlds to harm Danny. And Logan may be the one to blame...


Danny loitered by the door, listening for the sound of a car pulling up the drive. His heart thumped, each beat measuring the passing of time. He’d been standing there for at least ten minutes, though he hadn’t bothered to check his watch. Maybe Logan wouldn’t show up. Maybe after having a night to think about it, he decided Danny had been right—he wasn’t in the least bit interesting, and spending the next few months following a blind man around would be preferable only to watching paint dry. Maybe—
But no. There it was, the sound of a motor revving, then slowing as it pulled into his driveway. It sounded different than the police cruisers Nick normally sent for him. Different also than Nick’s beat up truck, which sputtered and coughed like a tractor.
Danny waited until Logan rang the bell, then lingered a little while longer after that before unlatching the bolt. Throwing the front door open the moment the chime pealed would only make him look desperate.
And he wasn’t desperate. Lonely, maybe. Eager for another whiff of that mouthwatering cologne, definitely. But not desperate.
A swift shot of longing chased away the uncertainty Danny had been feeling all morning. He grabbed his cane and stepped outside, letting the door close behind him.
The female ghost from the Java Café was back, too, and she didn’t look anywhere near as calm this morning as she had last night. In fact, she seemed downright restless, pacing across the field of darkness, scowling at the geriatric boxer when he got in her way and flicking dart-filled glares at Danny. The ball of light she held had shrunk to the size of a marble. Was that why she was so upset?
Unable to help her even if he wanted to, Danny turned away and faced more or less in the direction he thought Logan would be standing. “I wasn’t sure you’d show.”
“Did I give you a reason to doubt me?”
Danny shrugged. He trailed his fingertips across the lock, then fumbled with the key, unable to slide it home as quickly as he’d have liked.
Logan’s fingers wrapped around his, sending a shiver down his spine. “Here, let me help.”
He opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again when he realized Logan had no intention of taking his keys. Instead, he guided Danny’s fingers, positioning the key before pressing their hands forward. Logan’s back pressed against Danny’s, pinning him to the doorframe. The unmistakable feel of Logan’s erection against the curve of his hip made it hard to breathe.
The key slipped inside, and Danny nearly moaned. Logan turned their fingers until the lock clicked into place, then he drew back, leaving Danny shaken and disoriented.
“Take my arm. I’ll guide you to the car.”

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A Taste of my Delicious Men

Two years ago I hadn’t given erotic romance a thought. Well, that’s not entirely true. But whenever I read a romance that began to get too intimate, I felt uncomfortable and squeamish and would put the book down.

That’s before I discovered the decadence of male love. It began with ‘The Book of Joe’ by Jonathan Tropper and ‘Lost Souls’ by Poppy Z. Brite. The sensual play of words and the twining of male bodies had my heart pounding. Here was something I’d never read before, and I loved it! I had to have more, not only to read, but also to write.

I blame my sometimes naughty imagination for what happened next. I took a trip to Glacier National Park with my husband. Beautifully romantic trip. But the long drive through the Idaho desert was long and boring, forcing my mind to entertain itself.

The air conditioner wasn’t able to keep up with the close to 100 degree weather outside. Not another living soul on the road. Hot, dry, burnt landscape around us. Scrubby brush and stones baking in the sun. Heat waves rippling across the road. Humid, sultry air in the car lulling me towards sleep…

I’d recently written a short ghost story and I began to wonder what my two men had done when they were alive. How had they met? Who would they be in the new story taking shape in my mind? And of course they’d have to fall in love! Otherwise, what was the point?

Thus began my plunge into erotic romance: Shelton in Love, Shelton’s Promise, Shelton’s Choice and Shelton’s Homecoming.

Nevil came to me first. Handsome, sexy, witty. Do you know the song ‘Last of the Famous International Playboys’ by Morrissey? That’s my Nevil.

Nevil straightened and Shelton looked up helplessly at him, beautiful in shorts, the tank top clinging to his chest. His black hair was damp on his forehead, a trickle of sweat running alongside one gorgeous turquoise eye. Every nerve in Shelton’s body strained towards him, wanting that strong, vibrant body against his own, that delicious mouth and tongue fencing with his.

And who would be special enough to win his heart? Someone shy and beautiful, unsure yet alluring in his own way. Definitely a temptation. Lovely Shelton.

Nevil whistled at one in particular, where Shelton had glanced at the camera through lowered lids, a secret smile playing on his lips. The overhead light brought out the highlights in his chestnut hair and lightened his hazel eyes, complimenting the warm colors of his ensemble for an overall attractiveness.

“You’ll need to stockpile this coat, Tera.” Nevil observed, his eyes never leaving Shelton’s. “Every man who sees that picture is going to want one for his own.” His gaze was intense and Shelton colored at the innuendo.

Shelton in Love
Breathless Press:

Shelton is falling hard for his best friend and roommate, finding Nevil’s dark good looks and moments of gentleness almost impossible to resist. But Nevil is more interested in affairs of the body than the heart. As Shelton’s desire for the man grows, he wonders if he can change Nevil’s mind. But does he even want to? Nevil might not stay, once he learns Shelton’s secret, and then his loneliness would be complete.

Shelton’s Promise
Breathless Press:

Shelton has a gift he’s eager to give to Nevil. At a party, Nevil flirts with one man after another, keeping Shelton on his toes. Then Percy, an ex, shows up to complicate things. Despite his best efforts, Shelton can’t find the right moment to give Nevil his gift. Will Nevil ever let Shelton get close to him, or will Shelton have to keep the gift in his pocket all evening?

Shelton’s Choice
Breathless Press:

After a year of bliss with Nevil, Shelton is offered the promotion he's been working toward at the bank. Unfortunately the new position is in another state, and Nevil doesn't want to move. As tension mounts between them, Shelton is given another challenge in the form of a besotted coworker. Torn between the pressures at work and at home, Shelton has to choose his future. That is, until Nevil takes the decision out of his hands.

Shelton’s Homecoming
Breathless Press:
Special Price $1.49

Shelton’s coming home, but after seven months of living apart, can he and Nevil pick up from where they’d left off?

Shelton’s grown tired of living a life separate from Nevil. So when Nevil is hurt in an accident at work, Shelton comes home for good. Feeling closer than ever to his lover, Shelton’s ready to make a lasting commitment to their relationship. But is that what Nevil wants? Nevil is less than enthusiastic when an old flame marries, leaving Shelton wondering if he’ll have to keep his dreams on hold indefinitely.


Shelton slowed to a walk as he approached the glass doors of the emergency ward. He could see nurses and doctors bustle around on the other side of the barrier. Would they let him see Nevil?


He jumped at the call and looked over his shoulder. Tera waved from further down the hall and he waited for her. His heart raced as Nevil's twin came up to him and he blinked at her brilliant smile. He had to speak past a lump in his throat. "What…?"

"He's not in there! He's doing so well they moved him to a regular room about an hour ago," she said.

They grinned at each other in celebration. Shelton grabbed Tera's hand, impatient to see the love of his life. "Where is he?

"This way."

Tera led him down the long hallway. Shelton had come straight from the airport, and needed a second to nab his overnight bag from where he’d dropped it in the waiting room before he joined her at the elevator. He cleared his throat as the doors closed behind them. "I'm glad you came when you did. I wasn't sure they'd let me see him in emergency care. I'm not 'immediate family.'"

"You could say you're married…"

He found a spot to look at on the floor. "Domestic partners in Oregon, but I'm not even that."

Tera made a small sound of protest and Shelton flashed a smile. "It's okay. So, Nevil's doing well?"

"He is. He's been sleeping a lot, but the doctor says he should recover without any trouble."

"Thank God." Shelton drew a deep breath. Relief washed through him in a wave that left him weak. He gathered his courage as the elevator came to a halt, and once again followed Tera down an endless hallway. He paused outside the open door to Nevil's room and then stepped inside. His gaze went at once to the precious man in the hospital bed.
Nevil looked so pale! His dark hair and bruised eyes were a stark contrast to the pristine sheets and pillow cases. All of a sudden Tera's frantic late afternoon call, the mad rush to the airport, and the crazy taxi drive to the hospital took their toll. Shelton brushed a shaky hand over his stinging eyes. I won’t cry, damn it!

He approached the bed and gently put his hand on Nevil's shoulder. He needed to touch him. He drank in the sight of his beautiful lover, and willed Nevil to wake up and prove he was okay. He'd been terrified on the plane ride that he'd arrive too late and Nevil would be dead. Tera's call had been almost incoherent; he'd imagined the blackest scenarios.

He glanced at Tera when she came up beside him, and she gave him an apologetic look. "There's a large lump on the back of his head. The whole thing was an accident, honey. Nevil stepped on some rotten floorboards in a building they're renovating and fell to the floor beneath. Maybe I shouldn't have called you until I knew how bad he was, but he was unconscious when they admitted him…"

"No! I want to be here. I was coming home this weekend anyway, and only had to take a couple of personal days. It's fine."

He returned his gaze to Nevil's beloved face and tentatively caressed a bruised cheek, wanting him to wake up. He loved him so much. He remembered what Tera had said earlier about marriage, and warmth spread through him. Husband? Sure, he could do that.

Thank you so much, Rachel, for inviting me on you wonderful site today. You can always find me here:


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Come and join me for all the fun as I guest blog today!

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Devil Wears Lace by L. B. Shire

Breathless Press

Historical/Western Romance

Sara McAllister wants two things in this life: revenge and a new start for the future.

Sara wants revenge. The thought of avenging her family has kept her sane these past years. Now she is so close to reaching her final goal. Joseph Murry, the man who murdered her family, will pay—with his life. She needs only to win the horse race this corrupt politician is sponsoring, finish him, take her winnings, and head west to begin a new life. But someone she never expected to see again has crossed her path, possibly changing the course of her future forever.

Slade hadn't expected to find Sara in Devils Cove—and inside a seedy little saloon, to boot. But here she is, standing before him, stunning as ever. She tells him she is going to win this race and take care of business. Slade recalls her tortured past: a man had murdered her family and left her for dead. He thought he was here to win a race, but instead finds he must protect Sara. For even though they had decided long ago to go their separate ways, the only way she will survive is if he remains by her side.

Link: wears-lace

Teaser Excerpt:

Sara's gaze fell upon a lone man hidden among the shadows at the back of the room. Something about the way he rested his hands on the table struck a chord in her mind. The simple mannerism seemed vaguely familiar. She knew when she homed in on his features that she'd seen this man before.

Her hunch was correct. He pushed his hat back to reveal a grisly scar down his right cheek. Sara's breath caught in her chest. The air seemed to have been sucked from her lungs. Could it be?

Her pulse thundered under her skin, and she swallowed hard. A slow ache gripped her heart. The memory of hardened muscles under her fingertips and the vision of entangled bodies flitted through her mind. They were memories she thought were long since buried. It was Slade.


"Sara, haven't seen you for a spell," Slade called out to her. He set his bottle of whiskey on the table before him. Her face remained impassive as their eyes met. Life was about to get interesting. Having Sara in Devils Cove was a distraction he hadn't anticipated.

He watched, captivated, while she removed her dusty hat. Her long blonde hair fell in a cascade of waves around her shoulders; this sight alone sent a shot of desire pulsing through his system. My God, it's been a long time. His fingers ached to touch the silky mass.

"Damn." He groaned under his breath. Sara in the same room had set his mind into a jumble. Her luminous green eyes never wavered from his. His focus fell to her mouth, mesmerized while the tip of her tongue swept over her upper lip. Would she remember their time spent together? He could vividly recall every last detail. The woman had bewitched him long ago.

About the author:

L.B. Shire has been writing stories that combine love, brave men, and horses for as long as she can remember. Occasionally she pulls out those dusty old gems and reminiscences with a cup of hot tea. Only in the last few years has she tried her hand at joining the ranks of published authors. When not writing or researching, L.B. enjoys spending time with her family, riding one of her horses, and, of course, reading anything that is put before her! She currently resides on the West Coast in a sleepy little mountain town. There, in the midst of all the beauty, she plans her characters' next adventures. For more information on L.B. Shire, please visit her work-in-progress blog @

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A Lover for Rachel by Lynn Crain

Paranormal Contemporary Erotic Romance

Buy at:

The magic of love comes to everyone.

Rachel Hamilton comes to Stonehenge to celebrate her birthday on Summer Solstice, only to find herself trapped beneath the massive rhyolite bluestones with sexy wizard, Dewin Kingston, who convinces her that she is the key to their escape.

NOTE: This is a SHORT STORY with EXPLICIT language and adult situations.

Lynn Crain realized at an early age she wanted to write. She took the long way to that goal by doing a variety of things like nursing, geologist, technical writer and computer manager. Even though she is no longer in the medical field, Lynn has studied natural medicine and remedies for years. She is currently getting her Ph.D. in natural medicine with an emphasis on historical medicine and is still utterly fascinated with all things medical. During her free time she weaves fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales as well as erotic stories for various publishers. She lives in the very hot southwest with her husband, son, one dog, three cats and a snake named Sandune. She is a past board member of the Romance Writers of America, past VP of EPIC and current EPPIEs Chairman for EPIC.

She loves hearing from her readers at


Yahoo Group:


eXtasy Books:
Loose Id:

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Sonya's Midlife Crisis by Donna Del Oro

Devine Destinies
Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction

When Sonya’s husband tells her he wants a divorce so that he can marry his pregnant girlfriend, she goes a little berserk! So, how does the worst day of her life turn out to be the best thing that ever happens to her? Forty-two-year-old Sonya learns it’s never too late to wake up and grow up!

Teaser Excerpt:

Now I began to wonder. Earl’s girlfriend was pregnant, although it appeared he’d used birth control. So what happened? Did he intend for her to get pregnant or was he duped by a clever woman who was bent on trapping him?

“Bet the skanky bitch put holes in his condoms,” Tina snarled, mirroring my thoughts. She scooped them up, using a shoehorn and the shoebox lid, like so many dog turds, then tossed them in the same box with the underwear I was collecting. “One of Eddie’s brothers—Carlos—got snagged that way. He’s resented her ever since although he loves the little guy to death. Funny the way that sometimes turns out. He says he’s going to divorce her as soon as little Chuckie turns eighteen.”

I frowned. That was one marriage made in hell. Little Chuckie was only six. Tina’s brother-in-law’s problem made me wonder, though. Was that how Earl had felt when I didn’t get pregnant? Did he resent me for miscarrying? Feel cheated somehow? Did he feel trapped into raising my sister’s daughter? If he did, he never showed it, for he and I both treated Evita as our own. And he knew when we were dating that I came with a child.

I’d have to ask Scott about that soon. Maybe not having our own children was at the heart of our disintegrated marriage. Maybe Earl had stopped using those condoms long ago in order to have his own biological babies…

Two hours later—how time flies when you’re busy packing up a relationship—Tina and I dragged, pushed, carried—kicked when necessary—all fourteen boxes filled with Earl’s drawers and closet including his coin collection, girlie mags and sports paraphernalia. Packing up those items truly made it final. Tina was staring at the closet when I returned for the last box.

“Now what?” I asked, wiping the sweat off my neck. Our eyes locked for a moment, then hers slipped downward. Something was bothering her, but whatever it was didn’t last long, for a moment later, she was backing out my Explorer. She had a plan. Rent an open U-Haul trailer and take all the boxes over to Connie’s house. That way, Tina could drive it over to Connie’s, let them unload the boxes, and it would save Earl’s sister an unpleasant trip. I agreed to that, and by early evening our task was done.

Later, we shared a Margarita, made golden by Tina’s special recipe and the bottle of Grand Marnier she’d bought on her way back from Connie’s. She toasted our health and better times. I toasted to insight and wisdom, two qualities I was severely lacking.

Then she kept me busy by helping her make pork and chicken tamales. We’d take them to my church, Saints Peter and Paul, and serve them to the homeless on Sunday evening.

Between the corn husks, corn meal and bowls of spicy filling, our fingers flew. We drank and laughed about our childhood, growing up in a middle-class latino barrio in Abilene and spending hot summers on our uncle’s ranch in east Texas. I occasionally missed Texas, especially family, and flew home mostly during Christmas or Easter vacations. But I’d lived in California since I’d come to live with a spinster aunt in San Jose and go to college. Both places were home to me.

It felt so good to laugh again. When Tina climbed into the guest-room bed around midnight, she eyed me in her tipsy, teasing fashion.

“This pillow smells of men’s cologne. Eddie wears the same cologne, so I know. Who’s been staying with you, Sonya? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

I furrowed my brows. Eddie was Tina’s defense attorney-husband, successful and rich. They adored each other, even after fifteen years of marriage. Then it dawned on me, a memory clawing to the surface of my muddy, inebriated brain.

“Oh, that’s Scott. He was here one night. His birthday. The day I flipped out. He was worried about me.”

“I’ll say. I found the knives in the clothes dryer, where he said he put them. He’s got quite a crush, wouldn’t you say?”

“No, I wouldn’t.” I started to close the mini blinds, trying hard to focus on the plastic wand that turned them. My fingers fumbled, then finally grasped it. “He’s a good friend, that’s all. My best friend.”

“Are you sure that’s all?”

Annoyed that Tina would even broach the subject, I flicked the light off on the wall. Nevertheless, the good feelings of that evening lingered. The tamale-making, the Texas memories. Even the Margaritas.

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Head Count Enterprise Logo

Finally my amazing design team has finished the final draft of the Head Count Enterprise logo! Now James. Riley, Sam, Ash, Alton and Able will have something to put onto the back of their work shirts...And I'm sure their wives will look sext wearing them to bed ;)

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Mary Lou George’s Love Bites

These little lovelies truly melt in your mouth. You will need:

1lb (454g) butter at room temperature
1 cup icing sugar
½ cup cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
1 Toblerone chocolate bar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Cream butter and icing sugar until very fluffy
Beat in cornstarch, vanilla then flour. Beat until batter is light and very fluffy
Stir in nuts if using.
Drop batter by teaspoon on to parchment paper
Chop Toblerone into small pieces (for the top of the cookies)
Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden
While cookies are still hot, place a small piece of chocolate on each one
Sprinkle on icing sugar if desired

Makes 120 bite sized cookies that will make you gasp with pleasure

Mary Lou George’s books are available at

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Warrior's home is now available for pre-order

Warrior's home is now available for pre-order with a special discount for all you earlier bird readers ;)​warriors-home

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Warrior's Home news

Warrior's home is the second book in the Warrior's series. The story of Riley and Abigail. Release date is set for Tuesday, April 24th

Abigail Banks was born to homeless, drug addicted parents and has spent her life taking care of them on the streets of New York City, that was until fate stepped in and gave her an opportunity to flee the hell that is her life…she took it.
Riley Davis expected to catch a buck not a girl running from her nightmarish past and a drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get her back.
Abigail keeps a closely guarded secret and knowledge that anyone will use her if they find out the truth.
As Riley attempts to break down the carefully constructed wall Abby had put around herself, the passion that flares between them may be the downfall of them both.
Riley has no idea of what the future holds…but he can’t wait to find out.

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The First Kiss by Mary Lou George

Every budding romance has one – a first kiss. A good one can set the stage for further delights. A bad one can scuttle your chances forever.

Keep these eight points in mind when facing that all important first kiss:

1. Never underestimate the value of good oral hygiene. Always be ready to kiss and be kissed, so keep it fresh and clean. No one wants to be reminded of those chili cheese fries you had for lunch.

2. Just say no to crack. No one wants to kiss a chapped or cracked mouth, so use a moisturizing balm to keep your lips smooth and conditioned. But, be careful not to apply with so a liberal hand that you create a facial oil slick. Your partner wants to be kissed, not smeared.

3. Make it count. Kiss as if you’re not allowed to do more. Never assume a kiss is a means to an end – the gateway to orgasm. Treat it as the main event.

4. Don’t rush it. Your first kiss is important enough to warrant a little thoughtful intention. Look your partner in the eyes. Shift your gaze to his/her lips and back again while slowly moving closer. Try a few soft, tentative kisses first and wait for a response. It shouldn’t feel like a military incursion. Shoving your tongue down your date’s throat the moment your lips meet is rude and invasive – a rookie mistake and a sure fire mood slayer. A kiss should be a shared experience, as much for your partner’s enjoyment as for your own. Savor the moment and wait for a flicker of response before deepening the kiss.

5. Relax. Not so easy, right? Just remember, these days most dates end in a kiss at the very least, so it’ll be expected. Keep your lips soft, but not slack or sloppy. Never kiss with pursed, hard lips or poke your tongue in and out like a lizard. But, don’t let your tongue lay motionless in his/her mouth like a slug, either. Instead, use your lips and tongue to caress lovingly and apply a little suction.

6. Moderate the moisture. Your partner doesn’t want a mouth full of spit so don’t forget to swallow when necessary. Keep it subtle. Gulping sounds are not sexy. On the other hand, your kiss shouldn’t feel like sandpaper in the Sahara, so watch out for dry mouth.

7. Enjoy yourself and show it. Make love with your lips and tongue. If it’s done well, kissing can echo sexual intercourse. Pull back, meet his/her eyes and smile gently just before you kiss again. When you embrace the thrill, your kiss will transmit that joy and further stimulate your partner.

8. Touch him or her above the equator before venturing south. Appreciate them. Stroke the nape of the neck, run a finger over the shell of an ear, cup the back of the head with a gentle hand. These light touches prove that you’re interested in the whole package and will, in time, set the stage for true intimacy.

It’s always wise to be patient and show good judgment. If you put these suggestions into practice, your first kiss will be a resounding success. Good Luck!

Mary Lou George’s latest contemporary, mainstream romance mystery, Lemonade Dreams is available at

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Warrior's Home: Story excerpt

Released date May 2012 Warrior’s home is the second installment of the Warrior series. This story has been a labor of love for me. The story is of Riley Davis and Abigail Banks. Abigail is running from her past, the police and a drug lord, Riley was really just trying to hunt a prized buck.

She stilled, frozen with shock and fear. She looked around frantically, realizing she was the last girl standing. She relaxed marginally. Throwing down the gun, she sat on the ground trying desperately to fight the tears that she could feel welling up in her eyes. “This is no time for hysterics,” she hissed to herself.
Calming herself with some deep breaths, she cleared her mind. Her brain clamored for a plan. She knew what had to be done. It was just getting her legs to work that seemed to be the problem. She blew out a harsh breath and rose to her feet.
Her body moved mechanically. She searched each body carefully, stripping them of cash and assorted items she thought might be useful in the future. Some of Derek’s men she had known. It was slightly satisfying to see their corpses lying motionless in the dirt. She thought idly of how she had prayed for just this sight more than once. They were ruthless. Their philosophy was blood in, blood out. They knew the second they were patched into the club that only death would separate them from the gang. Well, they got their blood.
Abigail stripped a jacket off one of the detectives and slipped it on. It was getting cold, maybe even getting ready to snow. There was nothing worse than getting stuck out in the snow with no shelter to protect you. She had seen more than one person freeze to death from wind-chill alone.
The ribbon around her heart was tightening. She may have grown up on the streets, but she had compassion. It saddened her to see the officer’s dead. She thought of the families they may have left behind and the children they may never see grow up. She bent down to the last detective, the skinny one, and after emptying his pockets, she whispered, “I’m sorry. Thank you.”
Tucking the money and two pistols into her jeans, she bolted into the forest, running as fast as she could. She knew walking on the road was out. Someone would come looking for either the detectives or Derek’s men, and she had better not be anywhere near there when they did. All she hoped was that she could make it to a shelter of some sort before it got dark.
She ran until the cramping in her gut was so overwhelming she had no choice but to stop. The pain was almost crippling. She braced herself against a tree with the palm of her hand, bent down, and threw up the remainder of the sandwich from that morning. Standing up straight, she stretched her gaze towards the sky, instantly feeling better.
Damn! I wish I had wilderness skills. Her only experiences with the woods were the ones in Central Park. Not real helpful out here.
The sound of a gunshot wrenched her out of her thoughts and set her heart racing with panic. She froze for a split second and heard rustling in the distance. Someone’s coming. She ducked behind the tree. Pulling one of the guns from her jeans, she cocked it and poised herself, ready to shoot. She waited as the noise got louder.
Suddenly, a large black shadow flashed on the ground, too quick for her brain to process. Abigail fired off two rounds and fled in the opposite direction.
Racing through the woods, the only sound was the thud of whatever she shot as it hit the forest floor and the wind in her ears. Seconds passed and she heard a voice.
“Hey, stop!” he yelled at her and then she heard him running after her.
Blind panic and adrenaline flooded her system. She picked up speed and didn’t dare look back. I’m not going to die! Fuck no, not today, thank you kindly.
She never saw the ledge, until it was too late. Abigail came, or at least tried to come, to a complete stop on the edge of a small cliff. Teetering, she desperately fought to keep her balance and not fall over the edge. It wasn’t a long drop, maybe ten feet, but there were sharp rocks and a river below. Her foot slipped on the sod and she lost her fight.

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Review: Three to Ride

Three to Ride
Three to Ride by Sophie Oak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book came recommended to me by a friend in my book club. Sophie oak was our featured author for the month and I had never read any of her stuff. I could not be any happier. I was so sad to see the book end, but I couldn't put it down. From the beautiful landscape of Bliss colorado to the hot cowboy this story delivered everything you could need in a book and then they just kept piling on the good. This is definatley a keeper pile kinda book and I'm getting the rest of the series today because I can't not finish it.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Four Play

Four Play
Four Play by Maya Banks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! I'm not huge on reviews because I never know exactly what to write. I hate it when people give too much away. BUT I will say that the two stories are hot and if you like good menage stories this is the book for you!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

JCPenney hired Ellen as their spokesperson...COOL!

Others I have heard have a problem with that and are calling for a ban of JCPenney because she is openly gay...I just have to say that we are over our heads in REAL PROBLEMS... underfunded schools , Teen pregnancy, poverty, corrupt government officials, unemployment, high gas prices, rampant disease, child pornography, bullying, gang violence in our schools, abuse of our children and elderly, underfunded troops and vets programs and endless wars that are draining our economy…Can we please get on the ball and put that effort you’re wasting on getting Ellen fired and put it towards a REAL PROBLEM?