Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mary Lou George’s Love Bites

These little lovelies truly melt in your mouth. You will need:

1lb (454g) butter at room temperature
1 cup icing sugar
½ cup cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
1 Toblerone chocolate bar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Cream butter and icing sugar until very fluffy
Beat in cornstarch, vanilla then flour. Beat until batter is light and very fluffy
Stir in nuts if using.
Drop batter by teaspoon on to parchment paper
Chop Toblerone into small pieces (for the top of the cookies)
Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden
While cookies are still hot, place a small piece of chocolate on each one
Sprinkle on icing sugar if desired

Makes 120 bite sized cookies that will make you gasp with pleasure

Mary Lou George’s books are available at

Monday, April 16, 2012

Warrior's home is now available for pre-order

Warrior's home is now available for pre-order with a special discount for all you earlier bird readers ;)​warriors-home

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Warrior's Home news

Warrior's home is the second book in the Warrior's series. The story of Riley and Abigail. Release date is set for Tuesday, April 24th

Abigail Banks was born to homeless, drug addicted parents and has spent her life taking care of them on the streets of New York City, that was until fate stepped in and gave her an opportunity to flee the hell that is her life…she took it.
Riley Davis expected to catch a buck not a girl running from her nightmarish past and a drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get her back.
Abigail keeps a closely guarded secret and knowledge that anyone will use her if they find out the truth.
As Riley attempts to break down the carefully constructed wall Abby had put around herself, the passion that flares between them may be the downfall of them both.
Riley has no idea of what the future holds…but he can’t wait to find out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Kiss by Mary Lou George

Every budding romance has one – a first kiss. A good one can set the stage for further delights. A bad one can scuttle your chances forever.

Keep these eight points in mind when facing that all important first kiss:

1. Never underestimate the value of good oral hygiene. Always be ready to kiss and be kissed, so keep it fresh and clean. No one wants to be reminded of those chili cheese fries you had for lunch.

2. Just say no to crack. No one wants to kiss a chapped or cracked mouth, so use a moisturizing balm to keep your lips smooth and conditioned. But, be careful not to apply with so a liberal hand that you create a facial oil slick. Your partner wants to be kissed, not smeared.

3. Make it count. Kiss as if you’re not allowed to do more. Never assume a kiss is a means to an end – the gateway to orgasm. Treat it as the main event.

4. Don’t rush it. Your first kiss is important enough to warrant a little thoughtful intention. Look your partner in the eyes. Shift your gaze to his/her lips and back again while slowly moving closer. Try a few soft, tentative kisses first and wait for a response. It shouldn’t feel like a military incursion. Shoving your tongue down your date’s throat the moment your lips meet is rude and invasive – a rookie mistake and a sure fire mood slayer. A kiss should be a shared experience, as much for your partner’s enjoyment as for your own. Savor the moment and wait for a flicker of response before deepening the kiss.

5. Relax. Not so easy, right? Just remember, these days most dates end in a kiss at the very least, so it’ll be expected. Keep your lips soft, but not slack or sloppy. Never kiss with pursed, hard lips or poke your tongue in and out like a lizard. But, don’t let your tongue lay motionless in his/her mouth like a slug, either. Instead, use your lips and tongue to caress lovingly and apply a little suction.

6. Moderate the moisture. Your partner doesn’t want a mouth full of spit so don’t forget to swallow when necessary. Keep it subtle. Gulping sounds are not sexy. On the other hand, your kiss shouldn’t feel like sandpaper in the Sahara, so watch out for dry mouth.

7. Enjoy yourself and show it. Make love with your lips and tongue. If it’s done well, kissing can echo sexual intercourse. Pull back, meet his/her eyes and smile gently just before you kiss again. When you embrace the thrill, your kiss will transmit that joy and further stimulate your partner.

8. Touch him or her above the equator before venturing south. Appreciate them. Stroke the nape of the neck, run a finger over the shell of an ear, cup the back of the head with a gentle hand. These light touches prove that you’re interested in the whole package and will, in time, set the stage for true intimacy.

It’s always wise to be patient and show good judgment. If you put these suggestions into practice, your first kiss will be a resounding success. Good Luck!

Mary Lou George’s latest contemporary, mainstream romance mystery, Lemonade Dreams is available at

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warrior's Home: Story excerpt

Released date May 2012 Warrior’s home is the second installment of the Warrior series. This story has been a labor of love for me. The story is of Riley Davis and Abigail Banks. Abigail is running from her past, the police and a drug lord, Riley was really just trying to hunt a prized buck.

She stilled, frozen with shock and fear. She looked around frantically, realizing she was the last girl standing. She relaxed marginally. Throwing down the gun, she sat on the ground trying desperately to fight the tears that she could feel welling up in her eyes. “This is no time for hysterics,” she hissed to herself.
Calming herself with some deep breaths, she cleared her mind. Her brain clamored for a plan. She knew what had to be done. It was just getting her legs to work that seemed to be the problem. She blew out a harsh breath and rose to her feet.
Her body moved mechanically. She searched each body carefully, stripping them of cash and assorted items she thought might be useful in the future. Some of Derek’s men she had known. It was slightly satisfying to see their corpses lying motionless in the dirt. She thought idly of how she had prayed for just this sight more than once. They were ruthless. Their philosophy was blood in, blood out. They knew the second they were patched into the club that only death would separate them from the gang. Well, they got their blood.
Abigail stripped a jacket off one of the detectives and slipped it on. It was getting cold, maybe even getting ready to snow. There was nothing worse than getting stuck out in the snow with no shelter to protect you. She had seen more than one person freeze to death from wind-chill alone.
The ribbon around her heart was tightening. She may have grown up on the streets, but she had compassion. It saddened her to see the officer’s dead. She thought of the families they may have left behind and the children they may never see grow up. She bent down to the last detective, the skinny one, and after emptying his pockets, she whispered, “I’m sorry. Thank you.”
Tucking the money and two pistols into her jeans, she bolted into the forest, running as fast as she could. She knew walking on the road was out. Someone would come looking for either the detectives or Derek’s men, and she had better not be anywhere near there when they did. All she hoped was that she could make it to a shelter of some sort before it got dark.
She ran until the cramping in her gut was so overwhelming she had no choice but to stop. The pain was almost crippling. She braced herself against a tree with the palm of her hand, bent down, and threw up the remainder of the sandwich from that morning. Standing up straight, she stretched her gaze towards the sky, instantly feeling better.
Damn! I wish I had wilderness skills. Her only experiences with the woods were the ones in Central Park. Not real helpful out here.
The sound of a gunshot wrenched her out of her thoughts and set her heart racing with panic. She froze for a split second and heard rustling in the distance. Someone’s coming. She ducked behind the tree. Pulling one of the guns from her jeans, she cocked it and poised herself, ready to shoot. She waited as the noise got louder.
Suddenly, a large black shadow flashed on the ground, too quick for her brain to process. Abigail fired off two rounds and fled in the opposite direction.
Racing through the woods, the only sound was the thud of whatever she shot as it hit the forest floor and the wind in her ears. Seconds passed and she heard a voice.
“Hey, stop!” he yelled at her and then she heard him running after her.
Blind panic and adrenaline flooded her system. She picked up speed and didn’t dare look back. I’m not going to die! Fuck no, not today, thank you kindly.
She never saw the ledge, until it was too late. Abigail came, or at least tried to come, to a complete stop on the edge of a small cliff. Teetering, she desperately fought to keep her balance and not fall over the edge. It wasn’t a long drop, maybe ten feet, but there were sharp rocks and a river below. Her foot slipped on the sod and she lost her fight.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Three to Ride

Three to Ride
Three to Ride by Sophie Oak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book came recommended to me by a friend in my book club. Sophie oak was our featured author for the month and I had never read any of her stuff. I could not be any happier. I was so sad to see the book end, but I couldn't put it down. From the beautiful landscape of Bliss colorado to the hot cowboy this story delivered everything you could need in a book and then they just kept piling on the good. This is definatley a keeper pile kinda book and I'm getting the rest of the series today because I can't not finish it.

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