Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Erotic Romance and Mystery Pervades in Rachel Cron’s Punk Rox Warrior

Rachel Cron comes up with her novel Punk Rox Warrior based on the genre of erotic romance. The novel is a contemporary romance which features Rainne Stanton who is a punk rock artist and follows her own rules. Things turn topsy-turvy for Rainne’s bohemian life when she is stalked by a mysterious person. Rainne’s mother assigns Lieutenant James Decker who follows her like a shadow to traces her stalker although Rainne doesn’t approve of her mother’s attempt to babysit her with a bodyguard. James Decker tracks her cell phone, fits her car with GPS and sweeps off her apartment to trace the stalker.
 An unpredicted romance brews between Rainne and James as James tries to unravel the mysteries around Rainne. The flaming attraction between the two was almost inconceivable. James is drawn towards the vulnerability of Rainne when she changes her punk garb after the shows and becomes just like another woman. James discovers that his pledge of remaining a bachelor is at stake when he gets attracted to the personality and the true identity of Rainne. Rainne on the other hand could not apprehend the inevitable attraction she feels towards her attractive bodyguard. The romance between the two sparks with intense desire and hunger.
Balanced plots and sub-plots
The sub plots and the realistic twists in the story make the novel a gripping tale where the theme of mystery, romance, sexuality and adventure predominates. The novel marks the transformation in the journey of the two central characters from their past. The interaction of the two lovers render a healing effect on their past. The story continues seamlessly with the dominance of suspense and romance in the plot. The book also has strong sexual content.
Style of the author
Rachel Cron maintains the mystery and the suspense till the end of the story and thereby involves the readers in the plot till the last page. Her style of eloquence and sensitivity dominates throughout the plot giving her an edge in the genre of romance. The author maneuvered the art of synchronizing both romance and mystery in her tale without any diversion from the main plot. This gripping tale will make you crave for more as you turn each page and you will not be able to stop yourself from unraveling the mystery till the end.
You can grab this gripping romantic novel dipped in mystery in the e-book version available online at amazon.com. 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beautiful Monsters

Current and trendy, Beautiful Monsters is a high-octane romp of a read that could be lifted off the front page of any supermarket tabloid. Sometimes humorous, oftentimes heartbreaking, it ostensibly explores the grit and gristle, sizzle of modern romance—Hollywood style. And yet, with its overarching themes and complex characters, it runs much deeper than the glitz suggests. It's truly literary fiction masquerading as a contemporary romance. Do wealth, fame, and beauty bestow happiness? Is there a karmic aspect to obsessive love? Are we all beautiful monsters? And finally, how far would you go for love? Tag along with Riley Rinaldi and Keller Cross as they explore these concepts…and more!

Book Blurb:
“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” ~Shakespeare
Hollywood: Movie Capital of the World, La La Land, Tinseltown, Hollyweird, Gomorrah, Land of Broken Dreams…Hell.
Makeup artist Riley Rinaldi has it all: beauty, wealth, talent, and undeniable sex appeal. But besieged by her past and the very attributes so many envy, she lives a lonely life devoid of the one commodity she cannot grasp—love.
Against a backdrop of studio politics, fame, jealousy, and unrequited love, their white-hot chemistry explodes onto the film set, incinerating their former lives and exposing the unseemly underbelly of La La Land.
But does love stand a chance among the beautiful monsters?

Links to Book:

Vigilante Publishing Group Bookstore: https://www.vigilantepublishinggroupllc.com/store.html
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Monsters-Cynthia-Ogren/dp/0692221093

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beautiful-Monsters-Cynthia-Ogren/dp/0692221093

Barnes & Noble (Nook): http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/beautiful-monsters-cynthia-ogren/1120170934

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Wedding Wager

This book is really good and I enjoyed reading it. The storyline was easy to follow and the characters and story flowed well.

Kevin needed to get married and fast. His father was looking to sell off his mothers ranch that had been in her family forever. Kevin knew that if he didn't marry by his 25th birthday, his father would be in control of his, his 14yr old sister Karla and his 8yr old brother Keegan's inheritance. If this happened, his they would never see any of the money and he was concerned for his younger siblings. He needed to find a bride quick or all would be lost.

Megan was just released from the hospital with $40 to her name and no where to go. She had been there for 6 months after being in a serious car accident and now, she didn't know what she was going to do. After looking in the want ads, she finds an ad for a Gentleman's Personal Secretary. Lodging and Transportation included in a Generous Salary, must be willing to relocate. Megan thought that this job could be the answers to all of her problems until Kevin tells her that he needs her to be his wife so he could get his inheritance. She is hesitant but, eventually takes the job.

Kevin's father Douglas will stop at nothing to get his hands on the land and the money that belongs to his children and Kevin will never stop trying to fight his father for what rightfully belongs to him and his siblings.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9 Steps To Gain Great Publicity For Your Book

Book publicity, at its core, comes down to several key areas:

·         Connections
·         Contact list
·         Expert author credentials
·         A quality book
·         Past media experience
·         News cycle, calendar and timing
·         Well-written pitch letters and emails
·         Phone follow-up
·         Being assertive, communicative, personable, and interesting

Let’s take a quick look at each area – what’s needed and what you can do to bring about success.

1.      Connections
     This amounts to who you know and who they know.  You need a grass roots approach, to build up fans and supporters who will rabidly support you.  Start with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, people from your past,  and people your kids or spouse are affiliated with.  Think about organizations and memberships, from the gym and church to professional or educational affiliations.  List everyone, get their contact info, and connect via social media.  Then start asking them to help you with introductions to others and by sharing your blog posts and links related to your book.

2.      Contact List
      You need an accurate, targeted, and detailed media contact list.  Often, you need to probe beyond what’s listed in a database or the media outlet’s website.  For instance, just contacting the book editor at a publication is not enough.  You might also try the features editor and other editors, columnists, reporters and freelancers connected to other relevant sections.  Additionally, only emailing people is not enough.  Other than bloggers, calling people will be helpful.

3.      Expert Author Credentials
      You can’t make a resume up, though you can loosely define what makes someone an expert.  Your schooling, professional experience, personal experience, and hobbies can help qualify you s an expert in something.  But I caution – the further your background is removed from what you write about, the harder it is to position you as credible to the media.

4.      Quality Book
      Yes, let’s not overlook a basic fact: the book must be well-written, edited properly, be interesting or useful, and be better than most books in its genre.  Really take a hard look at how you match up against the competition and figure out where you have a competitive edge.

5.      Past Media Experience
      Media begets media.  Once you get a link or clip to a media appearance, you can use that to leverage more media.

6.      News Cycle
There are different windows of time to pitch the media, such as timing your pitch for an upcoming holiday, honorary week, an anniversary, or something currently in the news.

7.      Pitch Letters
When you email the media – or mail letters – personalize them, be short and to the point, be creative, and say things in a way that has conviction, personality, and immediacy.

8.      Phone Follow-Up
You need to follow up on your emails and pitch letters with calls, especially to non-online media.

9.      Be Assertive
Nothing comes to those who wait.  Go out there and make things happen.  Be a talker, a schmoozer, a people person.  Be aggressive and be positive.  Your energy will carry you.