Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Erotic Romance and Mystery Pervades in Rachel Cron’s Punk Rox Warrior

Rachel Cron comes up with her novel Punk Rox Warrior based on the genre of erotic romance. The novel is a contemporary romance which features Rainne Stanton who is a punk rock artist and follows her own rules. Things turn topsy-turvy for Rainne’s bohemian life when she is stalked by a mysterious person. Rainne’s mother assigns Lieutenant James Decker who follows her like a shadow to traces her stalker although Rainne doesn’t approve of her mother’s attempt to babysit her with a bodyguard. James Decker tracks her cell phone, fits her car with GPS and sweeps off her apartment to trace the stalker.
 An unpredicted romance brews between Rainne and James as James tries to unravel the mysteries around Rainne. The flaming attraction between the two was almost inconceivable. James is drawn towards the vulnerability of Rainne when she changes her punk garb after the shows and becomes just like another woman. James discovers that his pledge of remaining a bachelor is at stake when he gets attracted to the personality and the true identity of Rainne. Rainne on the other hand could not apprehend the inevitable attraction she feels towards her attractive bodyguard. The romance between the two sparks with intense desire and hunger.
Balanced plots and sub-plots
The sub plots and the realistic twists in the story make the novel a gripping tale where the theme of mystery, romance, sexuality and adventure predominates. The novel marks the transformation in the journey of the two central characters from their past. The interaction of the two lovers render a healing effect on their past. The story continues seamlessly with the dominance of suspense and romance in the plot. The book also has strong sexual content.
Style of the author
Rachel Cron maintains the mystery and the suspense till the end of the story and thereby involves the readers in the plot till the last page. Her style of eloquence and sensitivity dominates throughout the plot giving her an edge in the genre of romance. The author maneuvered the art of synchronizing both romance and mystery in her tale without any diversion from the main plot. This gripping tale will make you crave for more as you turn each page and you will not be able to stop yourself from unraveling the mystery till the end.
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