Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Kiss by Mary Lou George

Every budding romance has one – a first kiss. A good one can set the stage for further delights. A bad one can scuttle your chances forever.

Keep these eight points in mind when facing that all important first kiss:

1. Never underestimate the value of good oral hygiene. Always be ready to kiss and be kissed, so keep it fresh and clean. No one wants to be reminded of those chili cheese fries you had for lunch.

2. Just say no to crack. No one wants to kiss a chapped or cracked mouth, so use a moisturizing balm to keep your lips smooth and conditioned. But, be careful not to apply with so a liberal hand that you create a facial oil slick. Your partner wants to be kissed, not smeared.

3. Make it count. Kiss as if you’re not allowed to do more. Never assume a kiss is a means to an end – the gateway to orgasm. Treat it as the main event.

4. Don’t rush it. Your first kiss is important enough to warrant a little thoughtful intention. Look your partner in the eyes. Shift your gaze to his/her lips and back again while slowly moving closer. Try a few soft, tentative kisses first and wait for a response. It shouldn’t feel like a military incursion. Shoving your tongue down your date’s throat the moment your lips meet is rude and invasive – a rookie mistake and a sure fire mood slayer. A kiss should be a shared experience, as much for your partner’s enjoyment as for your own. Savor the moment and wait for a flicker of response before deepening the kiss.

5. Relax. Not so easy, right? Just remember, these days most dates end in a kiss at the very least, so it’ll be expected. Keep your lips soft, but not slack or sloppy. Never kiss with pursed, hard lips or poke your tongue in and out like a lizard. But, don’t let your tongue lay motionless in his/her mouth like a slug, either. Instead, use your lips and tongue to caress lovingly and apply a little suction.

6. Moderate the moisture. Your partner doesn’t want a mouth full of spit so don’t forget to swallow when necessary. Keep it subtle. Gulping sounds are not sexy. On the other hand, your kiss shouldn’t feel like sandpaper in the Sahara, so watch out for dry mouth.

7. Enjoy yourself and show it. Make love with your lips and tongue. If it’s done well, kissing can echo sexual intercourse. Pull back, meet his/her eyes and smile gently just before you kiss again. When you embrace the thrill, your kiss will transmit that joy and further stimulate your partner.

8. Touch him or her above the equator before venturing south. Appreciate them. Stroke the nape of the neck, run a finger over the shell of an ear, cup the back of the head with a gentle hand. These light touches prove that you’re interested in the whole package and will, in time, set the stage for true intimacy.

It’s always wise to be patient and show good judgment. If you put these suggestions into practice, your first kiss will be a resounding success. Good Luck!

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