Friday, August 22, 2014

Fears Of Darkness
Would you give your life for someone you love... and would they give their life for you?

This book tells the story of a young family trying to survive during a civil war. It touches on raw human emotion dealing with sister love, friendship, and romantic companionship; juxtaposed by fear, hate, revenge, and sadness.

Rudely awakened by a deadly home invasion, Dakota is thrust into a country at war. Realizing her home is compromised, she is forced to make a long trek from the city of Minneapolis to the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains in order to survive.

As Dakota tries to figure out what is happening in America, she learns to adapt to a world void of the society and technology that had been the foundation of her life. Fighting against the darkness threatening to consume her and making decisions she never expected to face, Dakota struggles to find peace, at least within herself. She strives to accept the loss of the life she's dreamed of, while learning to live in the world that now exists. Wrought with dangers, both civil and wild, Dakota learns how to cope, finding love in the darkness around her.

How will she survive in a country that's been torn apart? To know more click here.

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