Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Crimson Key- A Young Man’s Quest for Self-Identity

‘The Crimson Key’ by Wes Dodd is a mysterious tale of David Paige whose perfect world turns topsy-turvy with the death of his mother, who had concealed his true identity for the last twenty five years. He uncovers the truth Alice, whom he had known as his mother, was not his birth mother. He had no other choice than to unlock the mystery about his true identity through the crimson key had left him. Author, Wes Dodd by far has penned down a fantasy and a romantic thriller along with “The Crimson Key”.
Synopsis of the story
The story commences with Amber visiting her twin sister Alice in a bruised condition and reveals her greatest secret to her-a baby boy. She had the baby with “an evil man” whom she loved but the man did not want a child with her as he was married to someone else and expecting their baby. Amber hands over the infant, David, to Alice to protect him from the wrath of his boyfriend. The story takes a leap of 25 years in Charleston, S.C, where Alice lives with David and he had grown up to be a young detective. David’s ideal world takes a halt when the death of Alice, whom he had known to be his mother. He discovers that Alice had kept a life-long secret from him about his true identity. He did not have any other family member who can assist him in discovering his identity about his biological parents.
The truth seemed to have been buried with Alice’s death but David is left with a crimson key by Alice which can only uncover the mystery about his true identity. His pursuit for truth takes him to New York where Alice worked as a model but no one heard from her for the last twenty-five years. He embarks on a mysterious journey clouded by deception, lies and murder. He used his detective skills and instincts to uncover a series of dreadful crimes. He discovers his true love on his quest but it complicates his journey further. It was when he reaches the brink with almost a near-death experience that he could finally assemble the pieces of the puzzle with help of the terrifying nightmares from his mother. The crimson key finally unlocks the most unexpected secrets.

The theme of suspense, mystery and romance predominates throughout the story. The book was released by Tate publishing house on April 8, 2014 and earned admiration from the readers for its gripping and mysterious storyline.

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