Sunday, July 6, 2014

25 Pieces of Advice You Need to Build an Awesome Facebook Page

During the last couple of months we’ve all read a steady stream of complaints about Facebook’s most recent changes and how they affect business Pages. Yet anyone who pays close attention to what’s happening at Facebook shouldn’t be terribly surprised.
After all, as Scott Ayres over at Post Planner noted in a recent post,
“Facebook was created for people — not businesses. Mark Zuckerberg’s intentions were never for businesses to rule Facebook. The social network was created to provide friends & family members better ways to stay in touch. Business pages were an after thought added after too many people were abusing their personal profiles by selling junk.”
He’s absolutely right, of course.
But now what?
No one (at least no one over here) is blaming Facebook for their decision to implement recent changes that affect businesses. This is life. Things change.  Plenty of people are frustrated by the fact that we all got to use Facebook for free for so long and now all of a sudden we have to pay for advertising if we want our content to be seen by a wide audience. But the reality is that Facebook is a business and, as such, anyone who wants to do business with Facebook and reach the 1.1 billion people who are on it, will probably have to spend some money.
The good news is that algorithms and other Facebook changes aside, there are still a variety of tips and strategies that any business can use to market successfully on  Facebook. At ShortStack, our goal is to provide you with these valuable resources to help you be better social marketers. Are these tips and tools going to take your reach from 6 percent to 50 percent, probably not. But reach isn’t everything!
In today’s world, Facebook is about leveraging the fans you do reach and positioning your brand so that when your customers/potential customers choose to follow you on Facebook, they also choose to actively check-in with and engage with your Page.  It’s also about collecting valuable information from your audience so that you can turn followers into paying customers and you can leverage what you learn into your everyday marketing strategies.
It’s time to take actionable steps towards marketing your business better on Facebook. To do this we’re revisiting some of our top resources you can use to make sure your Facebook presence is in tip-top shape.

Collect Data from Your Fans

Data collection is one of the most powerful opportunities that can come from social media efforts. The following resources will show you how to collect valuable information from your Fans for marketing outside of Facebook:
• Grow your Email List Using Facebook
• Get Better Leads from your Facebook Page
• Make Your Facebook Habit Profitable
• 8 Tips to Make Customers Give You What You Want

Enhance Your Reach

Facebook’s algorithm changes frequently. These resources will help you learn how to adapt to the changes and reach more of your fans.
• How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Page
• Do you Know the Best Way to Engage Your Users?
• 10 Totally Irresistible Facebook Status Updates
• 25 Ways to Make a Statement With Your Cover Photo
• The One Crippling Mistake Businesses Make on Facebook
• How to Work Around Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Changes
• Small Business Sabotage: How to Make Facebook’s Latest Changes Work for You

Be a Smart Marketer

There are many brands that do Facebook right. These resources will help you become a successful Facebook marketer.
• 19 Things Successful Brands Do Different
• Make Your Facebook Page Pull the Weight of 3 employees
• Make your Marketing Mobile Friendly
• Must Know Facebook Tips
• Make your Like Count Move
• Build a Community on Facebook
• Evaluate your Facebook Page

Running Facebook Apps

Social campaigns are the key to increasing your brand’s visibility on Facebook. These resources provide quick tips and insights into building apps for Facebook Pages, mobile and web browsing.
• Beyond Contests: Using Facebook Apps to Connect with Customers All Year Long
• How to Prevent Cheating on your Facebook Contests
• Be Social All Year Long: 12 Months of Apps
• Best Practices for Building Facebook Apps
• 12 Ways to Promote Your Facebook App
• 5 Time-Saving Tips for Building Better Facebook Apps
• 15 Ways ShortStack Can Increase Your Brand’s Visibility on Facebook

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