Friday, July 4, 2014

Intimate Moments [Kindle Edition]

With summer on the horizon, finding the right book for the beach or vacation can be daunting. The search ends with Intimate Moments, the debut romance novel by Jeané Sashi. It’s full of love, beautiful women, handsome men and difficult decisions.

Who says a woman can’t have it all? Who says a man cannot be successful? A group of friends has just that. They’ve dedicated hard education, determination and hard work to be where they are within their lives.

You can feel like you have everything in the world and wake up one morning and reality hits you right in the face. That’s when you realize that you don’t have all that you want and are seeking…something is missing.

Tonju is successful, attractive, educated and single. Her life is on the right track. Her goals are being met just as she has outlined them to do. There is only one thing missing in her life. The one thing she thought she had but was mistaken. She longs to have a love of her own, that someone who is going to love her for her. She longs for intimate moments.

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