Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tips to Get Your Book as a New Author Featured on a High Traffic Blog or Website

When new authors start to make decisions about how to execute their book marketing strategy one of their hopes would be to be a featured author on a high traffic website. Well that's actually easier to do than most authors would believe and it only takes a few simple tips. Now one of the important points to keep in mind before using this strategy would be to remember these websites don't do favors. They will sell you their most prized slots on their web page but they wont give them away to anyone whose book subject doesn't align with the goals and mission of the website.

So with that being said you will need to find websites that are in the niche of your book with high traffic. For example if your book is about radical hairstyles of the rich and famous you shouldn't approach websites that specialize in engineering. Instead contact tabloid websites and online news magazines as their in your niche, while many may believe this is common sense, you would be surprised at how much time is wasted by web masters reviewing totally inappropriate requests from new authors.

Now that we have the correct mindset here's a few tips to get you started;

1. Create an email that shows them exactly how your book will benefit their web visitors and falls in-line with what they offer.

2. Offer to give them free e Book copies of your book, it costs you little to nothing. However make sure you put several ads for your business in your e Book.

3. Ask their advice about how your book could help them improve the results they want. Are they for example focusing on traffic, click troughs, or email sign ups this month. Once they inform you, than offer to let them use your book to giveaway as a prize to help them achieve better results.

4. Remember that the website is operated by a person, so offer the web master gifts that demonstrate whats in your book; for example offer discounts and weekly email tips.

What your working on is to let the web master know that your book focuses on their niche and that it can help their visitors. 

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