Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warrior’s angels
By Rachel Cron
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                        July 17, 2014

Are you in need of something hotter than hot to read this summer? You are in luck. Talented Siren-BookStrand author Rachel Cron is releasing the hottest book of the summer. Warrior’s angels…

Snippet: Mia Bowen was born unwanted, abandoned, and still to this day is the biggest scandal her town has ever known. With twin daughters, a husband who only comes around to remind her that she was a mistake from conception, and a job she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, Mia has no choice but to trudge through her misery. At least she has Sunday mornings... Able Caruso can't shake the thoughts he's been having about the waitress that he sees every Sunday. When the opportunity to spend more time with her falls into his lap, he's hesitant. Ever the even tempered one of the Head Count crew, Able finds himself on an emotional rollercoaster as he learns more about Mia and the difficult life she has lead. Battling against their small town, Able finds the lines between heaven and hell blurred as he searches for the truth in an attempt to set his angels free.

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